Police have thanked people in Southport and Formby for staying home over Easter and respecting government advice over the spread of coronavirus. A police officer patrols Scarisbrick Avenue in Southport

79% of people in Southport want the current coronavirus lockdown restrictions to continue – and are firmly against Boris Johnson’s planned efforts to ease them this Sunday. 

Earlier today, during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson said that he was considering presenting people with a road map out of lockdown, with some rules eased and some businesses allowed to open from this Monday. 

A poll on the Stand Up For Southport Facebook group this afternoon has already attracted over a thousands responses, with 1,152 people having their say. 

909 people (79%) voted No to any easing of restrictions, saying it was ‘too soon’ to think of doing so. It came on a day when The UK became the first country in Europe to record 30,000 deaths of patients with coronavirus with 649 more victims today.

72 people (6%) voted Yes to end restrictions now and get back to work, while 148 people (13%) said Maybe, in another couple of weeks, if the number of cases falls.

Over 500 people expressed their opinions too, with some great views on all sides. 

Johanne Louise said: “The North West has the highest rate. It’s far too soon to lift any lockdown, and sadly people are still passing away and the number of those testing positive is at its highest.

“Stay safe people. Too many are not even aware of lockdown as they are on Summer holiday mode. No easing of anything.”


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Jason Marshall said: “Far too soon, not happy about this move. He’s a fool if it happens and the second wave comes.”

Tony Wynne said: “Far far too soon! The UK has had the highest death rate in Europe and, by population, the highest death rate in the world. To relieve lockdown now would be insanity.”

Allison Jones said: “Too soon, other European countries were on a stricter lockdown, we’ve got far too many daily cases as far as I’m concerned to even consider lifting the lockdown. Once people start milling around again we’ll be back to square one making the last six weeks a waste of time, not to mention we must be the laughing stock of Europe.”

Andrea Riley said: “I think a lot of people in Southport think it’s relaxed already. On my run today there were groups of lads on bikes. Every bench in Kings Gardens was occupied and people were drinking together. I’d rather do longer now and make sure it’s safe than go back to normal too soon and have to start all over again.”

Others looked towards other countries in Europe to see how we compare. 

Louise Tzigkoura said: “Greece has had NO new deaths and only 148 total and they only started lifting restrictions on Monday, bars and restaurants wont open until 1st June. What is Boris thinking, we’re still at around 600 deaths A DAY.”

Natalie Ford said: “New Zealand have had just 21 deaths and zero cases over the past couple of days. They have stepped down to Level 3 lockdown which is just like our lockdown (takeaways have now opened) but they can now see immediate family. I agree that it’s crazy to open up with the vast amount of people testing positive daily, never mind the high death rates.”


Chair of Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Neil Masom, has been helping out in various roles to get a better understanding of life on the front line during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Chair of Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Neil Masom, has been helping out in various roles to get a better understanding of life on the front line during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Lee Baxter said: “Nothing ever closed here in Hong Kong, very close to the source of the virus too. All shops have been open, although people stayed at home businesses stayed open. The damage has been done now, time for herd mentality.”

Denise Flanagan said: “Far too soon. We need to follow what is happening in Spain closely. Lockdown eased this weekend. Bars (with restrictions) Monday. Let’s see how their numbers look in two weeks!”

Pammie Calf said: “Spain eased their lock down and now they’re enforcing it again due to another rise in cases. If Boris does this it will happen here, so no.”


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Others are keen to relax the restrictions, at least giving people more choice of what they want to do. 

Les Jackson said: “You can impose your own lockdown if you wish, so we both get an option. It will be a slow release from lockdown anyway. We all know cases will go up slightly but it will shorten the curve instead of prolong it, so let’s get it done. I just want the option of being able to go to shop and get what I need and also go and do my Dad’s garden while still socially distancing as it’s getting out of control and it’s hard to stop him endangering his health and doing it himself.”

Mike Booth said: “Smaller businesses in Southport will welcome some form of release from the lockdown. As long as social distancing is ensured and staff have relevant protection I will welcome being able to support these businesses and get them back on their feet again.”

Carina Baylis said: “If we don’t get the economy back on track there will be a huge depression resulting in massive job losses, house repossessions, businesses going bust and huge problems with poverty, depression and suicide. Not to mention all the cancelled operations, cancer treatments etc in the NHS.

“More will die if we don’t get things back to a semblance of normality. Workplaces, shops, schools and hospitals need to open up soon.”

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