Marine Drive in Southport

Roadworks will start on Southport’s coastal road this week. 

Work on Marine Drive is due to begin from this Monday (8 February), as the Covid-19 lockdown is taking place, and will last for up to three months. 

The Sefton Council project will focus on the area between Hesketh Road and Marshside Road. 

It will allow the reconstruction of both the road and the pavements along with the installation of a new and improved drainage system. 

Work will be completed ahead of what could be a busy Summer season for Southport if the continuing Covid-19 vaccination rollout and fall in Coronavirus cases prove successful.

Southport has plans for a busy events season if all goes well, with Southport Food & Drink Festival taking place in June, Southport Air Show

The scheme will cost £895,000 to complete with £637,000 from the Highway Challenge Fund and £258,000 from the 2020-21 Highway Maintenance budget. 

In his report, Sefton Head of Highways and Public Protection Peter Moore said: “Marine Drive is recognised as a key route into Southport and the carriageway surface condition needs to be improved. It is proposed to focus on the area between Hesketh Road and Marshside Road, which is considered to be in the greatest need of attention.

“Overtime, the condition of the road surface has deteriorated, which has affected its ride quality and the safe discharge of surface water from the carriageway, despite best efforts to try and maintain its structural integrity through routine repairs and the application of preventative type surface treatments which are now considered uneconomical.

“The works to be undertaken will involve the reconstruction of both footway and carriageway and the installation of a new and improved drainage system.

“To expedite the works and to carry out operations safely, a road closure needs to be implemented from January 2021, that will restrict the movement of pedestrians and motor vehicles through working areas for up to 3 months.”

The diversion route will be via: Hesketh Road, Cambridge Road, Marshside Road and vice versa. 

It is recommended that: Marine Drive, Southport between Hesketh Road and Marshside Road be temporarily closed to all vehicles / pedestrians when required until 28th March 2021 or until the scheme is completed.

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